Maeve Carr founded Maeve Carr Design in 2009, and quickly became known by brokers as a proven resource in transforming languishing properties into hotly contested sales. Her business expanded in 2014 when her daughter Keira Heath joined the firm as Creative Director. The result: a mother-daughter duo that delivers a multi-generational creative synergy to their clients.

Maeve, as the founder and owner of Maeve Carr Design, brings a background where visual design, creative ingenuity and attention to details have always been the ingredients to her success.  After graduating from Princeton University with a degree in Art History, Maeve’s sense of design and entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to pioneer her own hat, accessories and apparel company. Throughout the 1980s, her designs were renowned in the fashion world. 

After selling her company in 1995, Maeve expanded her portfolio of design experience. She managed extensive construction and renovation projects, created a broad range of clothing lines, and designed interiors as a decorator. After the real estate collapse in 2008, Maeve saw a new opportunity to apply her design skills: addressing real estate brokers’ pressing need to move properties. The secret sauce: design magic that presents every property as a visual haven that prospective buyers want to live in.  So was born Maeve Carr Design.