Many ask us what our specialty is when it comes to staging a house or apartment. Our answer: we are specialists in transforming interiors into visual havens that highlight a property’s true potential. That’s the power of home staging!

For any stager, it’s the BEFORE & AFTER photos that encapsulate the creative acumen of a home staging project.

So here we have collected some recent examples of our BEFORE challenge and our end result, an AFTER that showcases the possibilities. Big or small, we make changes that have a huge impact.

Take a look at our photos below. You’ll see a paint make-over that ‘enlightens’ a kitchen. Plus, a renovation that adds that treasured room that all families seek (especially today) — a state-of-the-art media center. And, to mention, a dining room and a bedroom that now both shine.

And let us know what you think about these BEFORE & AFTER home staging photos below.



Transformed this drab dining room into an elegant oasis by sanding the tired table and then painting it with light opaque outdoor stain.  New chairs completed the metamorphosis into a room that now luxuriates in the cityscape.

Construction and installation of a media center and work station took precedence in this renovation — the room that the entire family gravitates to…and so, will potential buyers.

Multiple coats of white enamel brightened this Connecticut kitchen — realizing the possibilities for prospective buyers.

A complete make-over amps up a pedestrian powder room. White basic subway tile, continuing from the sink wall to the floor, delivers a bright, visual continuity. The contemporary vanity and lite round mirror complete a modern look that attracts the eye of buyers.